Best PHP Frameworks

February 28, 2018


Best PHP Frameworks

PHP is arguably one of the most popular server-side scripting languages. Numerous PHP frameworks are available in the market which provides a robust platform and pre-built modules and reusable components to instill rapid development process. Most of the PHP Frameworks use MVC architecture where business logic, data sets, and representation of data are independent of each other.

# Why use Frameworks?

  • Faster development with ready to use tools and components.
  • Outstanding community support and library availability.
  • Security features out of the box.
  • Well-organized project development with modern code practices.
  • The resultant product is easier to scale.

# Popular PHP Frameworks

As the list of PHP frameworks can get really long, some of the famous PHP frameworks are listed below:

  • Lararvel:

    Hands down! This is most popular PHP framework among developers in recent times. Laravel makes development breezing fast. It has tremendous community support and ecosystem. It supports Authentication, Eloquent ORM, Database seeding out of the box. It uses Blade syntax which is a light-weight templating engine.

Some of the notable web projects build on Laravel are FusionInvoice, Deltanet Travel, Asgard CMS, etc.

Popular PHP Frameworks, Laravel
  • Symfony:

    Laravel, the PHP framework listed above, relies on a base of Symfony. Its top-notch documentation and easy adaptability have made Symfony one of the most trusted and dependable PHP frameworks. It also supports Eloquent ORM, Mails templating, easy web routes, event dispatcher, etc. It is licensed under MIT and is used by some of the prominent players in the market.

Some of the exciting web projects build on Symfony are Laravel, Drupal, OROCRM, etc.

Popular PHP Frameworks, Symfony
  • Cake PHP:

    Cake PHP is one of the oldest yet powerful PHP framework. One of the reasons why it is still a relevant framework is because it has kept itself upgraded with market changes and popping requirements. It is considered as an ideal framework for cut-throat application security. Like above two, it also has some great features like session management, XSS prevention, etc.

Cake PHP is used by some of the huge players like Express and Hyundai.

  • CodeIgniter:

    CodeIgniter, a lightweight and one of the fewer frameworks that require minimal installation time and straightforward configuration. It is also considered a reliable framework to prevent PHP version conflicts. Also, CodeIgniter is loosely coupled, meaning it does not imbibe on strict MVC architecture. MVC Models and Views are optional once Controllers are implemented. It also has vibrant third-party library ecosystem.

Some of the impressive web projects build on CodeIgniter are Small SEO Tools and Buffer.

Popular PHP Frameworks, CodeIgniter
  • Yii 2:

    Yii Framework is faster than other PHP frameworks. It is object-oriented and boosts web application performance to a great extent. It uses DRY (i.e., Don’t Repeat Yourself) coding methodology and thus promotes a cleaner coding practice. It is the first choice of developers who come from front-end background as Yii 2 is integrated with jQuery and AJAX-enabled components to implement themeing mechanism.

Popular PHP Frameworks, YII
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