Must Know Laravel Packages

February 28, 2018


Must Know Laravel Packages

Applications and APIs can be created really fast in Laravel Framework. Laravel has great community support with hundreds of package development. Chances are somebody has already created a package to make your complicated task easier. Packages in Laravel can be downloaded with the help of Composer. Today, let us look at some of common, popular and must-know Laravel packages:

  • Laravel Debug Bar

    If you have developed applications in Laravel before, chances are – you already know about this package! The must-have package for development. Laravel Debug Bar adds a developer bar which sticks at the bottom of a web page. It is your best bet to check load times and optimize the application accordingly. It provides information on routes, database query cycle time, errors, stack traces, etc.

Laravel Debug Bar Github
  • Socialite

    With typical form-based authentication, OAuth login is becoming very popular. Laravel Socialite package takes care of the configuration for multiple platforms automatically. Earlier, this package worked independently, but with Laravel 5.5 version, it is officially included in its documentation and maintained. It supports auth integration with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, and Bitbucket.

Laravel Socialite Github
  • Image Intervention

    This package helps in image optimization. The Intervention/image performs image manipulation on the server side and the manipulated copy on local storage.

Laravel image intervention Github
  • Jwt Auth

JSON Web Token, popular as JWT is essential for authentication while building APIs for mobile applications. The Laravel jwt-auth package has ready to integrate support for Laravel projects. It generates a secret token which is shared only between application and API. Such auth token creates a security layer over the application, by hindering an intruder from attacking.

Larael Jwt Auth Github
  • Faker

    Laravel supports database seeding. Though it is a cool feature, seeding significant amount of data can get really tedious. Laravel has a package for it! Faker can generate dummy records for the application. It has a wide range of functions and formats that we can mix and match as per the requirement.

Laravel Faker Github


In this post we discussed some of the amazing Laravel packages that are widely used in almost all the Laravel application. We started with Laravel Debug bar which is used to debug the laravel application, and then moved towards Socialite, Image Intervention, Jwt Auth and Faker Packages.


Thanks for reading. This was a quick post on must know Laravel Packages. If you have more interesting Laravel packages, please share them in the comment section below.

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