Laravel is emerging as one of the powerful and massive languages of this era. Created by Taylor Otwell, it is a modern web application MVC framework. Laravel is the most popular open-source framework for PHP. This is Laravel 101 tutorials from experienced developers who teach A to Z of this amazing framework.

Pagination in Laravel

Pagination in Laravel

March 3, 2018 Laravel 0 Comments

Pagination is a headache in many other frameworks. But Laravel eliminates this painful experience and can intelligently decide the range on the basis of current page. It generates...

Laravel 5.6 Mails

March 1, 2018 Laravel 0 Comments

Laravel has a clean and straightforward API to send emails. This framework provides ready to use drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, Amazon SES, SparkPost, Php's mail and sendmail functions....

Popular PHP Frameworks

Best PHP Frameworks

February 28, 2018 Laravel 0 Comments

PHP is arguably one of the most popular server-side scripting languages. Numerous PHP frameworks are available in the market which provides a robust platform and pre-built modules and...